Below is a list of useful, departmental contacts for parents to use for direct communication.

Main Reception 2655 1111
Primary School Office 2655 1273
Secondary School Office 2655 1275
Finance Dept. 2655 1280
Admissions 2655 1118
Communications Dept. 2655 1203
Medical Centre 2655 1202
Technology Dept. 2655 1122

Within the HKA community's online systems, photos of students may appear in class websites, internal publications, websites created by students, online galleries and videos of events shared with families. HKA has a media release for external use of photos that will be seen beyond HKA's community online systems in print and online media, including publications, promotional materials, publicity, news release and educational materials. This media release is signed through Veracross during admissions and again at re-enrollment.

Parents may request a reference form to be filled out by the Principal and/or the student’s teacher. All requests should be made through the PS/SS Principal’s office to ensure confidentiality, timely processing and documen­tation. All requests will be mailed directly from the PS/SS Principal’s office. A copy will be placed in the child’s office file as a record that it has been completed and parents will be notified that the reference has been sent.

At the beginning of each school year, students will read these Guidelines and discuss the content with their Advisors during scheduled Advisory meetings at the beginning of the school year. In addition, students and parents are required to sign a contract acknowledging that they have read and agree to comply with the rules outlined in the guidelines.

In class, money collection is limited to:
  • Casual Dress Day
  • Other events held outside of school hours, eg. theatre performances, Coffee House, etc...