HKA’s campus in Sai Kung is an environmentally friendly, state of the art facility designed to support the school’s rigorous curriculum. The building earned a BEAM Gold rating for its sustainable materials and received full marks in the innovations and additions categories. These features and practices make the school both a healthy and captivating place to learn as well as leverage the building itself as a teaching tool.

The campus features:

- Technologically advanced classrooms
- Fully supported science laboratories
- Extensive fine arts facilities including
  • 358 seat theatre with orchestra pit
  • Black box studio theatre
  • Music rehearsal and practice rooms
  • Dance studio
  • Art court with indoor and outdoor work spaces, design and technology rooms, and a kiln
- Fully-equipped sports facilities, including
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor Multi-Purpose Area
  • Climbing Wall
  • Soccer pitch
  • Outdoor basketball court
The school’s “green” features include:
  • Weather-tolerant landscaping with native plants for reduced water usage
  • Dedicated exhaust systems in workshop, art and science spaces
  • A CFC-free climate control system
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption
  • Building orientation that allows for natural ventilation

HKA has a cafe and coffee bar located on the Upper Ground Level near the main staircase. The hkaCAFE serves a variety of hot and cold beverages, savoury items, muffins and sweets. The cafe is for visitors and parents with Secondary School students also having access.

In keeping with the school’s commitment to sustainability, the Cafe uses reusable wares for serving food and beverages.


The hkaSHOP, located on the Upper Ground Level next to the hkaCAFE, is the school’s uniform and spirit shop. You can also purchase items via our online shop.

For more hkaSHOP information, please contact

Food is allowed in the cafeteria and cafe areas also 2F hallways and common areas. Food is not allowed in other areas unless prior, written permission has been obtained.
Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere on campus at any time.
No food or drink is allowed in the HKA Theatre at any time.

Nut and Food Allergies
The cafeteria food service, hkaEATS is ‘nut free’*. Grades Pre-K through to G2 are nut free if there is a student with a serious nut allergy (requiring Epipen). Parents are notified at the beginning of the school year to avoid sending in nuts and products containing nuts. Grades 3 and above are not nut free and are supported by the Health Centre in managing their allergy. Students are not permitted to share food. Eating is not permitted on the school bus.

The vending machines in SS on the second floor and West End Cafeteria may contain nuts. This fits with the school policy of student responsibility around their allergy and preparing them for independent life outside school as they enter SS.

If you are cooking or sharing food as part of a project, please inform parents of students with allergies in advance so they can suggest alternative foods for their child. During lunchtime and snack students are not permitted to share food.

*Following EU Nut Allergen Guidelines: Coconut, pine nut, and other seeds are not on the '14 Allergen' list and can be served.

Smoking/vaping is not permitted anywhere on campus at any time.

Alcohol may be served and consumed only with permission and never when students or children are present on campus.

The use of the elevator is restricted to adults. Stu­dents may use the elevator for special circumstances when accompanied by a staff member, parent or with permission from the Secondary School Office. For students under special circumstances they must obtain an elevator pass from the SS Office.

Audience Participation for School Events
HKA welcomes community participation throughout the school year for a range of events and performances, e.g. assemblies, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, Community Fair, etc. Audience participa­tion is essential to the success for all events and should be in keeping with the school’s guiding values about a respectful community. Please refrain from using cell phones, speaking, entering or exiting except at ap­propriate times, or leaving your seat during performances. During in-school performances teachers are expected to supervise all students regardless of grade level and to sit within close proximity of their students to ensure their participation is in the spirit of a respectful community.

Please note: No food or drink can be taken into the theatre.

Facilities Rental
Some rooms and facilities at HKA are available for rent. For more information, please contact or the Main Reception.

Uniforms are required for all students attending HKA.

The Primary School uniform consists of:
  • official white shirt with logo (short or long sleeve shirt)
  • official trousers, shorts or skorts in the school’s blue colour
  • official sweatshirt
  • hoodies and fleeces from the hkaSHOP
  • hat for outdoor activity. Students may wear an official HKA hat or a hat of their choosing.

The Secondary Secondary School uniform consists of:
  • official white shirt with logo (short or long sleeve shirt)
  • official trousers, shorts or skorts in the school’s beige colour.
  • official sweatshirt
  • hoodies and fleeces from the hkaSHOP
  • official trackpants from the hkaSHOP

All students are expected to wear:
  • Closed shoes or sneakers (trainers) should be worn with socks.
  • Sandals are permitted but, for safety reasons, cannot have open backs and must be flat (no platforms, flip flops or Crocs) and safe for running.
  • During the rainy and cold season children may wear rainwear and heavier outerwear jackets of their choice, however, clothing worn inside school during the school day must be specified school uni­form, e.g. hoodies and fleeces.

Students who wear non-HKA uniform garments will be asked to wear a borrowed garment for the day.

Physical Education (PE) Uniform (Gym Kit)
Primary School

HKA’s gym kit for PS consists of appropriate footwear and the following:
  • a blue dri-fit t-shirt
  • blue dri-fit shorts/skort
  • blue PE trousers
  • maroon zip up fleece
Primary School students may wear their gym kit to school on PE days and are not required to change into their regular uniforms. To participate in PE students must wear sneakers (trainers) and must have a water bottle and hat for outdoor activities. Students who do not have a complete kit will not be allowed to participate.

Secondary School
HKA’s gym kit for SS consists of appropriate footwear and the following:
  • a blue dri-fit t-shirt
  • blue dri-fit shorts/skort
  • blue PE trousers
  • maroon zip-up fleece
Secondary School students in G6 - G10 are expected to wear their gym kit for P.E. only and wear their regular uniforms the rest of the day. G11 and G12 students may wear their own appropriate sports clothing. To participate in P.E. students must wear sneakers (trainers) and must have a water bottle.

Purchasing Uniforms
HKA uniforms are available on-line and at the 
hkaSHOP on campus. For sizing, please consult the sizing chart or try on items at the 

Sports Team Kit
Sport's Team members should purchase their own sports uniform and travel gear. Spiritwear may also be purchased from the 

Team kit, travel gear and Spiritwear are designed as much as possible for use across different sports. While representing the school, students are required to wear the official school athletics kit, travel gear or optional Spiritwear and may not wear items that are not a part of the official kit.

Casual Dress Day
On the last Friday of every month, HKA has a Casual Dress Day in keeping with the school’s Service Learning Programme and in support of the school’s Culture of Philanthropy. On these days, students are asked to bring a small donation to support a philanthropic cause. In the PS, grade levels select the charity to be supported as part of curriculum integration. In the SS, students contribute to a general fund over the course of the year and then make determinations at the end of the year about which charities the SS will support.

In order for students to wear informal clothing on Casual Dress Days, students are requested to bring in a small donation (recommended: HK$10 - HK$20). Casual Dress Days dates and updates of funds raised are be announced in the hkaNEWS.

Our in-house catering team, prides itself on creating balanced, wholesome and attractive food for our community, they bring years of skillful experience to this task and are happy to serve you.

HKA students may bring their own lunch and snack and/or purchase lunch and snack at school.

When bringing lunch/snack:

Please do:
  • provide a well-balanced snack and lunch
  • send students with sufficient food for the day
  • include an extra snack if the student is staying after school for Co-Curricular activities
  • send students with an empty reusable water bottle (bottles may be refilled on campus)
  • pack lunches in reusable containers to minimise waste

Please do not:
  • send glass bottles or containers to school.
  • send unhealthy food items such as candy or soft drinks.

Buying Lunch
The 'hkaEATS' cafeteria, operated by our appointed Executive Chef and our in-house team of food-service professionals,
 offers hot lunch everyday as well as side dishes, juice and snacks.

Primary students will only be served food items if their parents have subscribed to a meal plan via the 
hkaEATS Campus online system. Primary students may not purchase a la carte items and should not bring money to school.

Secondary students may purchase lunch and snack without a prior order. Parents can provide funds to student's 
hkaEATS Campus account.  Purchases by cash and Octopus will also be available. Snacks are available from vending machines on the 2nd floor and in the Cafeteria. These vending machines offer water, juice and healthy snacks.

Secondary School students may purchase snack items prior to the start of the school day. Students will only be able to purchase items during break and lunch and must remain in the designated SS areas during this time. HKA Staff will monitor lunch areas and Grade 11 and 12 students may be exempt from this on-campus restriction. Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during lunch periods, nor should food from home be delivered during the school day. Please note that refrigeration storage is not available, however, there are reheating facilities available in the Cafeteria and on the 2nd floor.

Cafeteria expectations
Students may eat in the cafeteria or the SS student designated areas. 
Students may not leave campus during lunch periods.

Students are expected to leave their area clean and place rubbish in the appropriate general, compost and recycling bins provided.

Food is not allowed in
  • classrooms without staff approval
  • any Library without Teacher Librarian approval
  • the HKA Theatre
Water may be con­sumed in classrooms. The school provides safe drinking water for students. Students are expected to provide their own water bottles.
Students should bring:

  • lunch, unless buying lunch at Cafeteria or on hkaEATS subscription lunch plan.
  • backpack with school items. The backpack should be clearly labeled with the student’s name. Backpacks should be “child-friendly” in terms of size and weight.
  • relevant outerwear, in keeping with the school uniform.
  • Hats (required in Primary School for outdoor play)
  • PS students will be given a plastic folder on the first day of school for reading/library books and Mandarin work. Communications with teachers/HKA should be emailed to both the teacher and co-teacher.
Items to keep at school:
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Hat
  • Extra socks and underwear for Pre-K and K. On the first day of school, children in Grades Pre-K and K should bring a change of socks and underwear in a labeled plastic resealable bag. In the event that a child needs to change their clothes at school they will be provided with a spare HKA uniform. Please wash and return as soon as possible for community use. 
Please do not bring:
Personal items from home, unless asked by a teacher. Teachers will notify parents of the times when children can bring in items from home.

Primary Students:

We understand that some families may make the decision to have their child own a mobile device such as phones and watches for use to and from school. We request that students store these items in a secure location, e.g. school bag, during the day. If a student has a device, it should be turned off during the day and should not be visible. If a student needs to contact home during the school day, they may request from their teacher to use the Primary School office phone supported by a staff member. Parents will be informed if a student is using a non-school device during the school day.

Parents are reminded that in cases of emergency the school office remains a vital and appropriate point of contact to ensure your child is reached quickly and assisted in an appropriate way. The school office can be contacted at 2655 1273.

Secondary Students:
  • G6-8 students may use electronic devices before and after school (i.e. bus rides). Students found using such items during the school day will have the item confis­cated and will be forwarded to the Secondary School office and the electronic devices guidelines will be followed.
  • G9-10 students may use electronic devices in the classroom with permission from the teacher to support the learning taking place (i.e.: a video project).
  • G11-12 students may use electronic devices and model good practice. This is a “senior privilege” only.

Storing belongings during the school day
PS students have storage in their classrooms for backpacks and other items.
SS Students are assigned lockable personal lockers for their personal belongings. It is the responsibility of each student to keep his or her locker secure and the combination of the lock secret.

Student Hours


- 8am to 12:30pm:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

- 8am to 12:20pm on Wednesdays

K to Grade 5:

- 8am to 3:10pm:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

- 8am to 12:20pm: Wednesdays

Grade 6 to Grade 12 (SS):

- 7:50am to 3.10pm: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

- 7:50am to 12:20pm: Wednesdays

Main Reception Hours

Main Reception is opened from 7:45am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Student Transport to Campus

For Arrival or Dismissal students are categorised as Walkers (WW), Private Vehicle Walkers (PVW) or School Bus Riders (BUS). Please note: there is no parking available on campus.

  • Walker Walkers (WW): In the morning, please use the Main Entrance on Wai Man Road. There is no parking available on campus. Two parking lots are located close to the school. Students arriving by Bicycle to HKA are registered as WW. Please see below for further information on HKA’s policy on arriving to school by bicycle.

  • Private Vehicle (PVW): Private vehicles are to drop off and pick up students in the private vehicle lane in the bus bay area off of Mei Yuen Street. During arrivals and dismissals HKA staff will direct private vehicles to the drop off zone. Bus Bay gates close at 7:55am.

  • School Bus (BUS): Students will be dropped off in the bus bay and then make their way directly to their class or other designated areas. Please see below for further information on HKA’s policy for arrival and dismissal by bus.

PS Students are required to register their dismissal mode from campus for students safety via the Veracross School Policy Forms. Any changes to your mode of transport for any given day is to be made known to the teacher, Co-teacher and Operations Coordinator by 7:45am on the day of the change.  

SS Students are permitted to leave campus independently following afternoon class dismissal and are not required to document any changes to their mode of transport.

Morning Arrival

Students may arrive as early as 7:35am. No student, whether in Primary or Secondary School, should arrive before 7:35am. No Supervision will be provided before 7:35am.

SS students should arrive by 7:45am. When proceeding upstairs, SS Students are to use the West and Central Stairwells only.

PS students should arrive by 7:55am.

Early Childhood (EC) Pre-K and K students arriving via bus and PVW will be escorted from the Bus Bay area through the East Main stairwell and will be supervised on the EC playground. EC parents of Walker Walker (WW) students may walk onto campus and escort their child directly to the first floor EC Playscape.

G1- G5 PVW and Bus Riders will enter through the East Entrance and use the Central stairwell. G1-G5 students will be supervised on the Upper Primary Playscape and PS Library. G1 to G5 WW are welcome to walk on campus and escort their child directly to the 1F UP Playscape or PS Library.


Afternoon Dismissal

Students traveling by Bus or PVW will be dismissed via the Mei Yuen Street 'Bus Bay' entrance to the school. WWs will be dismissed outside the Main Reception/Theatre Lobby off the Wai Man Road 'Main Gate' entrance.

SS Students are permitted to exit the campus independently without parent supervision.

PS Students are to be collected directly outside the Main Reception at Wai Man Rd. On collection of your child or when coming onto site for school events, adults should show HKA Community Card.

Please do not try to pick up your child from their classroom or cafeteria as it confuses routines for our students and congests dismissal areas.

PS Students who have not been picked up 15 minutes after dismissal will be escorted to the ground level main reception and may be collected directly from the main office reception area.  

All After School Activities (ASA's) will conclude by 4:10pm (PS). SS students are permitted on campus until 5:00pm in designated areas. After 5:00pm students may be on campus for a scheduled supervised activity.


Early Departure and Changes in Dismissal Plans

If you are picking up your child before the end of the school day, please alert your child’s teacher or PS/SS offices in writing the day before if possible or, at the latest, in the morning. When collecting a student early, it is required and imperative to report to the reception office personally to notify the school receptionist and sign the early departure form. A child that has been picked up early without prior notification will often be deemed missing from their des­ignated bus queue and become the subject of a time-consuming search.

If there is a change in a PS student's regular dismissal routine (e.g., WW to PVW or for a playdate), it is essential to notify your child’s Teacher and Co-teacher of any changes to their dismissal plans prior to 7:45am on the day of the change. If notifying the school of a schedule change after 7:45am, contact the Primary School Office directly at 2655-1273. Please note that playdate requests will be subject to bus seat availability and to parents of both children confirming the arrangement. If a child is unable to ride the school bus, parents of both children will be notified so that alternative arrangements for dismissal may be made.

Dismissal after Cancellation of ASA

The ASA Co-ordinator will notify all parents at least 3 hours before the ASA start time. This is done by email and SMS. PS parents are to confirm receipt of messaging to the ASA team. If parents do not confirm, the ASA team will contact PS parents by phone to ensure parents are aware their child(ren) will come home according to non-ASA day dismissal process unless the parent notifies the class teacher of a different procedure. Students may only be dismissed to a registered adult contact.

HKA Bicycle Parking

A bike rack is available on Wai Man Road to the left of the main entrance

  • Bike Parking is available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Bikes must be left in an upright position, locked and secured.

  • Use of the bike rack is from 7am and 6pm. If you would like to to leave your bike outside of these hours, please contact Main Reception.

  • Any bikes not parked in accordance with the guidelines will be removed by HKA Operations.

  • Bikes not claimed within 7-working days will be donated to charity.

  • No bikes are to be brought directly onto campus.

Any concerns regarding the bike rack should be reported immediately to Main Reception or directly to the Operations Dept. via


Hong Kong Academy provides a School Bus Service for students travelling from all over Hong Kong including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Clearwater Bay and Sai Kung.  The Bus Contract is periodically negotiated between HKA and Bus Service Providers aimed at delivering a door-to-door service with prices inline with other International Schools in Hong Kong. All information pertaining to the school bus service can be found under HKA Information - Bus on the Veracross Portal.


For any questions or comments please email

The following documents can be used as a reference for our school bus service: 2021-22 HKA Bus Information & 2021-22 HKA School Bus FAQ's.

If a child can not attend school due to illness or for any other reason, please contact your child’s teacher and co-teacher in the PS or the executive administrative assistant in the SS at All absences from school should be communicated before 7:45am on the morning of the absence to the classroom teachers. Parents or guardians can send this message to school via email or through a written note.

Due to the collaborative and interactive nature of HKA’s inquiry-based programme, a child’s absences affect his/her progress as well as classmates’ programmes. The satisfactory completion of a term’s academic work requires regular attendance in class. Making up written work is important, but is only a partial substitution for class attendance. A well-planned class provides a learning opportunity for the students every day. If a student is absent, he or she is losing educational benefits. Many times it is impossible to make up the “missed” experience – at least in its entirety – and to gain from missed learning experiences to the same degree that the student would through group involvement in the regular class. Participation in class activities, thus, cannot be made up. Further­more, the absence of any student affects not only his/her progress, but also negatively impacts the progress of the group.

As a result we ask that students meet a minimum requirement (85-90%) attendance during a school year. This amounts to no more than 15 absences during a semester. Students who do not meet this minimum academic standard in a class are likely to receive an unsatisfactory rating on their report card regardless of whether or not they are completing work to a satisfactory standard. Students – determined upon circumstance – may also be asked to repeat a grade or commit to additional course time (e.g. summer school classes or work) to make up work missed.

Absences – Prior Arrangements/Early Withdrawal
HKA strongly discourages students taking extended holidays during the semester, or leaving school prior to the normal closing date. Students missing classes lose essential instruction and place increased demands on classroom teachers in the areas of record-keeping, administer­ing make–up work, etc. During the planning for an extended absence, parents and students should understand that teachers cannot possibly pre–teach the lessons, nor provide make-up assignments to cover all the material that will be missed. Since a student presumably needs to attend the full semester to cover all work required, it is reasonable to expect that extended absences will likely result in a lower grade. However, we recog­nise that occasions arise where extended absences are necessary. When this is the case, the school will make every reasonable attempt to reduce the possible impact to a student’s educational programme.
In order that students and parents may not be misled and suffer possible disappointment, it must be clearly understood that:

A letter of request to the Principal outlining reasons for the absence, expected duration, and departure date should be written to the school for absences of more than three consecutive days. This information will be relayed to all of the teachers involved, and when possible, they will be asked to organise appropriate work for the student’s absence.

The student (or parent, if appropriate) is expected to take responsibility for speaking with each of the student’s teachers to determine work required.

Please note that an indication of willingness on the part of the teacher to assist the student is not to be construed as a promise that the student will receive full credit for work completed. The responsibility for completion, and quality of all make-up requirements, rests with the student.

Primary School (PS) Attendance
In order to meet HKA’s attendance requirements, students may not be absent from class more than 30 days during the school year. Absences for school sponsored and approved activities (i.e. camp trips) are excluded in this attendance requirement.
Academic credit may not be granted to PS students with absences exceeding more than 15 days per semester. Students who do not meet the attendance requirement will receive a narrative only progress report and the student's grade placement will be reviewed for the following school

Secondary School (SS) Attendance

Teachers are required to take attendance every day and every lesson. Homebase teachers should submit their attendance information online daily by 8:00am via VeraCross, and teachers within 15 minutes of the lesson beginning. It is a legal requirement that the school retains an accurate student attendance record.

At HKA we believe that learning is a social activity. When students are not in attendance they are not just missing information, they are failing to participate in the learning process. Many learning strategies are collaborative, aimed at building collective understanding through the participation of all class members. These strategies cannot be replicated outside the classroom nor repeated for absent students. Student absences also result in teachers having to re-teach material and potentially disrupt the learning of others.

Grades 9-12

‪Graduation from HKA is based on a credit system. If a student is frequently absent from a class, then they cannot be said to have completed that class and will not be granted credit. In order for a student to receive credit for a class, they may miss that class no more than 8 times each semester. If more than 8 classes are missed, the student will still receive a grade, but no credit will be awarded towards the HKA High School Diploma. As our program is academically challenging, a student may lose their standing in a class if regular absences mean that they can no longer be successful.

The allowance of 6 absences is designed to cover short-term illnesses and necessary time off for medical, personal and family reasons, as well as participation in school extra-curricular activities. Parents should take this absence limit into account when considering whether to take students on extended trips. Students who represent the school in a variety of sports and activities will have this taken into account should their absences exceed 6 in any one semester.

It is expected that parents will monitor their child(ren)’s attendance through Veracross. If a student is absent for six classes, the assistant principal will contact the student and parents.

High school students who are absent for the school day may not participate in school sponsored after school activities or athletics.

Requests for a waiver

If absences have been caused by extenuating circumstances such as extended illness or a family emergency, parents should write a letter, requesting a waiver to the 8 absence limit. Proper documentation such as a doctor’s certificate will be required, and waiver requests will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Grades 6-8

Students in Grades 6-8 do not earn credits towards graduation until grade 9. However, if a student is frequently absent from a class, then teachers may be unable to assess the student and this would be indicated with a INC (Incomplete) on the semester report. While we do not want to encourage students who are unwell to come to school, parents should take a child’s attendance into account when considering whether to take students out of school for extended periods. It is expected that parents will monitor their child(ren)’s attendance through Veracross.  If a student is absent for six classes, the assistant principal will contact the student and parents.


Grade 6-8 students who are absent for the school day may not participate in school sponsored after school activities or athletics on the particular day they were absent.

Procedure for notification of Absences

‪If a student is going to be absent, parents should send an email to or contact the Secondary School Office by phone, stating the reason for the absence. The absence will then be marked as ‘excused’. 

Late Arrivals and Tardies
It is important that your child arrives at school on time to avoid interruption of the class. Students arriving late, after 8am, should report to the PS office and they will be escorted or sent to class. Lateness is recorded on each semester’s progress report.

Students are expected to arrive to school on time. If a student is late (arriving after 7:50am for SS and 8am for PS) to school for a legitimate reason, he or she needs to present a note to the relevant office at the time of entry to school that day. A phone call or email from a parent indicating the reason for the tardy will also suffice. If the school receives no information, the SS office will contact parents. If the problem persists, the principal will address the issue directly and determine consequences.

Secondary Students are expected to be on time to each of their class periods. Teachers will contact parents to discuss repeated unexcused tardies to individual classes and if the behaviour continues, it will be dealt with as a discipline issue through the SS Principal.

Parental Absence
On occasion, both of a student’s parents/legal guardians may be out of Hong Kong. In such a case, parents/guardians must follow the protocol for parental absence, both for the safety of the child and the school. Likewise, if a child lives with one parent who is the primary caregiver, the school also needs to be notified if that parent is out of town.

When planning a trip away from Hong Kong, please complete the Parental Ab­sence Consent Form. This online form is also available via the PS or SS Veracross portals.
A separate form must be submitted for each departure from Hong Kong.

Parents and relatives are welcome to visit HKA. Every visitor is required to either present an HKA Community Card or to check in at the main entrance to obtain a visitor’s badge at all times. Families are issued 3 Community Cards. If a card is lost or stolen, please inform immediately.

If a friend or relative wishes to visit a classroom, please contact the relevant Principal to make arrangements.

Former students and families are always welcome at HKA and should contact the relevant Principal at least two days in advance to make arrangements to visit during snack, lunch and/or recess.

Campus CCTV
To enhance the safety of our school community, closed circuit television (CCTV) is in operation on campus. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the main reception.
Inclement Weather Procedures
Inclement weather in Hong Kong occasionally results in school closures or delayed openings. If inclement weather requires HKA to close entirely or to delay opening, parents will be notified via SMS. The school uses parents' mobile numbers of record. Parents are responsible for making sure that they have provided the school with the correct mobile number. Each individual parent should inform the school of his/her mobile number.

In addition to SMS notifications, relevant information will be posted on the school's website.

Parents are also encouraged to visit the Hong Kong Observatory website for weather information and the Hong Kong Education Bureau website for details regarding school closures.

Note: When consulting the Education Bureau's website, please be aware that the term “kindergarten" on the Education Bureau's website applies to Pre-K1 and Pre-K2 ONLY at Hong Kong Academy.

Availability to Virtual Learning due to Inclement weather

virtual learning during inclement weather or other reasons for campus closure are as follows: 

  • If the existing learning environment is on campus, virtual learning will be introduced from day 2 and fully online by day 3

  • If the existing learning environment is virtual, online learning will continue uninterrupted

  • If the existing learning environment is blended, virtual learning will be introduced from day 1 and fully online by day 2


All online learning will be suspended if the reason for the campus closure is likely to impact the teachers' ability to run online classes e.g., Super Typhoon hits Hong Kong. Under these circumstances, an SMS will be sent to the community.

Hong Kong Education Bureau Announcements
In some situations, the Education Bureau (EdB) can make additional specific decisions with regard to school opening times and closures for the safety of students. HKA adhere to the announcements made by the EdB.

ASA Procedure During Weather Warnings
Please refer to the ASA guidelines for ASA inclement weather procedures.

HKA Events During Weekends & Holidays

HKA events for all students are cancelled in the event of a Black Rain, T8 or T10.

School Bus Procedure During Weather Warnings
Please note that the school bus provider will decide wether or not the bus service will run based solely on information published by the 
Hong Kong Education Bureau. HKA do not have any influence on this decision. During a weather warning, school bus updates will be messaged to the relevant parents via the channels mentioned above.

Notification App:
Government Notifications (GovHK): Users can customise the HK Government alerts they receive such as Education Department Bureau, HK Observatory and HK Air Pollution alerts under Menu>Category.
Apple    Android

HK Education Bureau:
HK Observatory:

In the event of Signal 8/Black or Red Rain (All School)
If a T8/Black or Red Rain signal is raised before school, HKA will make every effort to notify parents by 6am about a school closure for the entire school.

If the signal is raised during the school day and the school is required to close, students will remain on campus until it is safe to dismiss them. Parents will be alerted by SMS about next steps.

When there is a very strong likelihood that a T8 is imminent, the school may decide to close early. In that event, every effort will be made to send students home via their regular mode of transportation or will remain on campus until parents can make other arrangements.

In the event of a Signal 8/Black or Red Rain on the weekend, activities may be cancelled.

Signal 3 (Playgroup and Pre-K only)
If the signal is raised before school, HKA will make every effort to notify Playgroup and Pre-K parents by 6am about a school closure.

If a T3 Signal is lowered by 8am, Playgroup and Pre-K are welcome to come to school via their own transportation.

If the signal is raised during the school day, parents will be alerted by SMS about next steps.

The Primary and Secondary Schools will operate as normal unless otherwise stated.

In the event of a weekend T3, Pre-K activities may be cancelled.

Signal 1/Amber Rain
HKA will operate as normal.

Definitions of Heavy Persistent Rain & Thunderstorms from the Hong Kong Government:

Green Alert 
Indicates that significant rain is likely to affect Hong Kong within the next 12 hours.

Amber Alert 
Indicates that 50mm of rain or more is expected over Hong Kong during the next 6 hours or so.

Red Alert 
Indicates that 50mm of rainfall has been recorded generally over Hong Kong during any 1 hour period or less. Further heavy rain could cause widespread road flooding and traffic congestion.

Black Alert 
Indicates that more than 100mm of rain has fallen in the past two hours or less. Because of widespread road flooding and serious traffic congestion, residents will be advised to stay at home or take shelter in a safe place until the rainstorm has passed and road conditions have improved.

HKA Air Quality and Pollution Guidelines (January 2014)
On 30/12/2013 the Environmental Health Protection Department (EPD) launched the AQHI (Air Quality Health Index) to replace the Air Pollution Index (API) for better communication of air quality information and associated health risks. The AQHI is calculated based on the cumulative health risk attributable to the 3 hour moving average concentrations of four air pollutants, namely ozone, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10). The AQHI is reported on a scale of 1 to 10 and 10+, and is grouped into five health risk categories i.e. low, moderate, high, very high and serious.

 Health Risk   AQHI Health Advice to Schools
 HKA Response
 Low  1 - 3
No response action is required  
 Moderate  4 - 6
No response action is required  
 High 7
School children are advised to REDUCE outdoor physical exertion and to REDUCE the time spent outdoors.
Physical exertion to be REDUCED to up to 60 minute intervals and should be at a MODERATE level of intensity.
Students with respiratory, cardiac or medical problems can provide a written request to be ‘excluded’ from outside activities. Teachers recognising signs of discomfort in students need to send them to the Health Centre immediately.
 Very High  8 - 10 School children are advised to REDUCE TO THE MINIMUM outdoor physical exertion and to REDUCE TO A MINIMUM the time spent outdoors.
Physical exertion to be REDUCED to up to 30 minute intervals and should be at a MODERATE to LOW LEVEL of intensity.
OUTDOOR ASAs to reflect above. Some longer outdoor ASAs may need to be cancelled.
Students with respiratory, cardiac or medical problems can provide a written request to be ‘excluded’ from outside activities. Teachers recognising signs of discomfort in students need to send them to the Health Centre immediately.
 Serious  10 + School children are advised to AVOID outdoor physical exertion and to AVOID staying outdoors.
All PE lessons will be modified and carried out indoors.
Students will remain indoors during break time in line with the inclement weather procedures.
All field trips that involve any sort of physical activity will be postponed.
All ASAs will be cancelled.
Any outdoor community event will be postponed.
All air conditioners in the school to be turned on and windows closed.
Teachers recognising any signs of discomfort in children will send them to the Health Centre immediately.

HKA Heat Index Guidelines for Outdoor Activities

 Heat Index  Category  HK Observatory Warning  Possible Effects  Measure(s) to be Taken
< 80
Low     Daily activities not affected
Encourage hydration
80 - 89
(26 - 32°C)
Medium   Fatigue possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity

Daily activities not affected

Encourage hydration

Teachers recognising any signs of discomfort in children will send them to the Health Centre immediately.
90 - 104
(32 - 40°C)
High Very Hot Warning

When engaged in outdoor work or activities, drink plenty of water and avoid over exertion. If not feeling well, take a rest in the shade or cooler place as soon as possible.

People staying indoors without air-conditioning should keep windows open as far as possible to ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

Avoid prolonged exposure under sunlight. Loose clothing, suitable hats and UV-absorbing sunglasses can reduce the chance of sunburn by solar ultraviolet radiation.

Swimmers and those taking part in outdoor activities should use a sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 or above and should re-apply it frequently.
Sunstroke, heat cramps and exhaustion possible

Daily activities limited to 20 minutes of outside exposure at a time with a minimum of 5 minutes rest period. Enforce hydration after a maximum 20 minutes.

Teachers recognising any signs of discomfort in children will send them to the Health Centre immediately.
105 - 129
(40.5 - 54°C)
Very High Sunstroke, heat cramps and exhaustion likely, Heatstroke possible

Daily activities limited to 15-20 minutes of outside exposure at a time with a minimum of a 10 minutes rest period. Enforce hydration after a maximum 15-20 minutes.

Teachers recognising any signs of discomfort in children will send them to the Health Centre immediately.

All PE lessons will be modified and carried out indoors.

Students will remain indoors during break time in line with the inclement weather procedures.

All field trips that involve any sort of physical or outdoor activity will be postponed.

All ASA’s will be cancelled.

Any outdoor community event will be postponed.

All air conditioners in the school to be turned on and windows closed.

Teachers recognising any signs of discomfort in children will send them to the Health Centre immediately.

The school employs a nurse practitioner and has an equipped health service room along with complete first aid kits and supplies. In addition to the school nurse, a number of our teachers have CPR and first aid certi­fication. Any time students leave the school grounds for an activity a first aid kit is provided.

Medical Profile
Before the start of the school year, parents must submit medical data for each child attending HKA. This information, which includes medical conditions, allergies, current medication and emergency contact numbers must be entered into Veracross and updated, as necessary, throughout the school year.

In addition, parents must provide emergency information with specific contact instructions in case of emergency when a parent or guardian is not available. This can be submitted and updated via Veracross.

Any health related personal data requested by the school is solely used for medical purposes and remains confidential. The provision of such data is done on a voluntary basis, insufficiency of information may make the school unable to have a clear picture of your child's medical history. We may not be able to provide proper assistance to him/her in case of an accident. 

Over the Counter Medication, Sunscreen and Repellents

No medication is to be administered to students without parental consent. Parents can consent as part of enrolment and re-enrolment for their children having some over-the-counter medicine which are PANADOL, THROAT LOZENGES and TOPICAL CREAMS. For all students the nurse or nominated faculty/staff must contact the parent before administering PANADOL.

Routine and Emergency Medication

Students are not permitted  to carry any medication with them during school hours except for Epipens, diabetic kits or asthma inhalers, or with permission from the School Principal/School Nurse. Parents are encouraged to supply additional inhalers and Epipens to be kept in the Health Centre.

If a doctor prescribes medication that must be taken during school hours the information is required to be submitted on the child’s medical profile an ‘As Required Routine Medication Administration (ARRMA) Form’ or ‘Rescue and Emergency Medication Administration (REMA) Form’ must be completed. Both these forms can be found in the ‘Medical’ page of Veracross.

Reporting Accidents and Illnesses

Each classroom is equipped with first aid equipment in which the class teacher can help administer first aid.  If the teacher is not readily available or able to provide the level of first aid required the student will be directed to the health centre for assessment or first aid by the school nurse.   Every visit made by a student to the health centre, is properly recorded on a medical log prepared by the school nurse. An email will be sent to parents confirming what type of treatment was made to the student. If there is a need for any follow up or if the student needs to leave early, parents will be informed by phone by the school nurse. 

If the accident is serious, an ambulance will be called immediately and/or the parents will be notified. The school nurse will usually escort the child to the hospital and stay with the child until the arrival of the parents or the parents will meet the nurse on campus. 

Please note that only the parents or legal guardian can authorise medical treatment at the hospital. 

For any accidents requiring medical treatment an accident report form will be filed with the Principal's endorsement. 

Early Dismissal due to Illness or Accident

If a student needs to go home due to illness or accident the Nurse Practitioner will contact the parent to arrange their collection from school. Please note the following procedures regarding illness/infections requiring early dismissal: 

- A child must be fever, vomit and diarrhea-free for at least 48 hours (without panadol or anti-diarrhoea medicine) before return­ing to school. In the interest of the children and the entire school community, we appreciate your cooperation regarding this important guideline.

- Students will be sent home if head lice are detected during the school day. Head lice require immediate attention. It is important  that all household members should be checked and treated if your child has head lice.  Students must be checked by the school nurse before going back into class following the first treatment.


Recommendation on sick leave for Common Childhood Infections 

If there is a reported case of a contagious illness in the school, we will follow the EDB recommendations and guidelines along with advice from our medical consultants. When advised, parents of students affected will be notified and asked to thoroughly check their child for symptoms. If you detect any symptoms, please seek medical advice as to an appropriate method of treatment. The child must follow protocol recommended by a medical practitioner.

HKA Guidance on Infectious Diseases:


Recommended period to be absent from school


Chicken pox

Until fully recovered and AT LEAST 5 days after spots appear

Pregnant women should report exposure to their doctor (Blood test may be carried out to check immunity)


Until eye drops have been used for 24 hours. Eye must be dry before returning


Until AT LEAST 24 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea ( without anti - diarrhoea medication).


Students with temperature greater than 37.5/99.5 should remain at home until they are fever free (without panadol) for AT LEAST 48hrs.

Glandular Fever


Most people are immune to Epstein Barr Virus

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

Until all the vesicles have dried up or advised by doctor.

Head Lice

Until first treatment is completed.

Students will be sent home if Head Lice are detected during the school day. Student must be checked by school nurse before going back into class following the first treatment.


Until 24 hours of antibiotics have been taken. Affected areas must be covered.

Influenza and influenza like illnesses

Until fully recovered or advised by doctor.

Streptococcal Infection (Including Scarlet Fever)

Until 24 hours of antibiotics have been taken.

Slapped Cheek / Fifth Disease. Parvovirus None. Not usually infectious by the time the rash appears. Pregnant women should inform their doctor if exposed early in pregnancy (before 20 weeks).
Threadworms None. Treatment is usually one dose of medication. Sometimes follow up dose is recommended. Transmission route is faecal to mouth so hand washing critical to break cycle.
Vomiting Until AT LEAST 24 hours following last episode.

- Health Protection Agency (2014) Guidance on Infection Control in School and Other Childcare Settings. UK.
- Centre for Health Protection (2013) Guidelines on the Prevention of Communicable Diseases in Schools/Kindergardens/Child Care Centres. Hong Kong.

The recommendation made above is based on the general infection period only. Other factors such as clinical conditions of the sick child have to be considered as well. Always check with your doctor and exercise his/her professional judgement when making the final decision on the length of sick leave. 

Disease marked with an asterisk (*) are to be reported to the Centre of Health Protection as required by the law. 


Do not come to school if you have COVID symptoms. Seek Medical advice immediately. See a doctor, go to A&E or a government clinic. Once confirmed and you are NEGATIVE you may return to school. 

Most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, tiredness. Less common symptoms are aches and pain, sore throat, diarrhoea and conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste and smell, a rash on skin or discolouration or toes. Serious Symptoms include difficulties breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech and movement.  For more information regarding COVID-19 procedures and protocols please see HKA Community COVID-19 Resources

School Immunisation/Vaccination Programme

Hong Kong Academy works in collaboration with the school immunisation team from the Department of Health to implement immunisation campaigns for Grade 1, Grade 5 and Grade Year 6 students.  

The school also joins the Seasonal Influenza vaccination School Outreach Programme for students under 12-years of age

Related Health & Medical Documents
These can be located in the medical centre page on Veracross.
Food and Nut Allergies
Please see 'Facilities Use Guidelines' in this 'On Campus' section.
Fire and Lockdown Drills

In the event of any emergency necessitating evacuation of the school, children will proceed to the street level area outside of the school. If this area is deemed unsafe for any reason, students will be taken to a more appropriate area. Students will wait there until further arrangements can be made.

Evacuation drills are held each semester at an unannounced time to pre­pare students, staff, and others in the event of an evacuation.

Emergency Cancellation of School
Cancellation of school takes place only during extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment failure, or public crisis. The school board and administrators are aware of the hardship that can be caused by an abrupt cancellation. Therefore, school will not be cancelled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances.