- What are the school hours for students? 

mary School Student Hours


- 8am to 12:30pm:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
- 8am to 12:20pm on Wednesdays

K to Grade 5:

- 8am to 3:10pm:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
- 8am to 12:20pm: Wednesdays

Secondary School Student Hours
- 7:50am to 3:10pm: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
- 7:50am to 12:20pm: Wednesdays

- What about book bags?

Each student will need their own book bag that they will bring to school each day. Please make sure the bag is labelled with your child’s name and that your child’s book bag is child-friendly in terms of both weight and accessibility.
Please note that with our Grade 6 to Grade 12 laptop programme, students are also required to carry a laptop and charger to school every day. Bags must safely accommodate the storage of the laptop during transportation (in a separate padded compartment within the bag/backpack). We also recommend the use of a large waterproof bag to avoid unnecessary damage due to liquid spills in the backpack. A large zip-lock bag is a good idea. Liquid damage is the most common and most expensive form of laptop damage we deal with! 
- What about lunch and snack?
hkaEATS is the school run cafeteria and cafe. Primary parents can subscribe to meal plans and make meal choices for students through the hkaEATS Campus online system. Community snack is provided for Playgroup and Pre-K by hkaEATS. Secondary parents can add value to student accounts through the hkaEATS Campus online system. Meals and drinks can also be purchased by secondary students using cash and Octopus. Parents should send adequate quantities of food, snacks and drinks to cover the break times and lunch for students who bring food from home. As refrigerators are not available, however, there are reheating facilities.
We encourage parents to provide a well-balanced snack and lunch for students. No sodas or sweets (candy), please.
Children should also bring an empty water bottle clearly labeled with their names; there are a number of water dispensers located throughout the school.
- What about uniforms and shoes?
Uniforms are required for all students attending HKA and can be purchased via our hkaSHOP online and on campus.
The Early Childhood/Primary School uniform consists of an official school top (white, short or long sleeve shirt with school logo) and bottom (pants, shorts or skorts) in the school’s blue colour. Please mark your child’s name in permanent marker on each uniform item.
The Secondary School (Grades 6 - 12) uniforms are a little different than those of the Primary School. All SS students are expected to wear the white school logo polo shirt (or winter long sleeved alternative) and the beige trousers, shorts or skirt. All items are available via our hkaSHOP.
Physical Education: PE uniforms consists of dark red t-shirts, blue, track dri-fit t-shirt, dri-fit shorts or skort. You will be notified of your child’s PE day(s).
  • Primary Students should wear their PE uniforms to school on those days.
  • Secondary students should wear their school uniform and bring their PE uniform to change into at their PE times unless PE is their first class and in these cases they should bring their school uniform to change into after PE class.
  • Showers are available to SS student use after PE classes. 
Important: To participate in PE, all students MUST wear trainers and must have a water bottle and a hat for outdoor classes. Students who do not have a complete kit will not be able to participate.
Shoes: Closed shoes or trainers (sneakers) should be worn with socks for PE. Sandals are permitted on non-PE days but, for safety reasons, cannot have open backs, must be flat (no platforms, flip flops or Crocs) and safe for running.

- Hair/nail Polish etc:
HKA expects all of our students to look respectable and presentable. We do not have restrictions on jewellery, hairstyle, make-up and polish within reason. Students may be prevented from taking part in certain activities in science, PE and After School Activities (ASAs) if they do not have appropriate clothing or footwear.

- Is there an online community for HKA parents?
Yes. We have a 'closed' Facebook group that you can request to join. Our admin will check your details and allow quite quickly. Click here to visit the group page.

- How can I contact other parents using email?
You can contact via the class/grade parents for that year band. The list of class/grade parents is also available under HKA information link on Veracross parent portal.

You can also search for parents in the Veracross Directory. Please note that some parents 'hide' their contact details so may not be searchable.