Hong Kong Academy runs After School Activities (ASAs) four days of the week:

- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm and on Wednesdays from 12:35pm to 1:35pm.
- Pre-K ASAs take place only on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12:25pm to 1:30pm, students will enjoy a snack break with their coach from 12:25pm - 12:40pm, with classes resuming at 12:45pm.

HKA offers athletic, artistic and academic activities that allow students to develop physically, cognitively, kinaesthetically and socially.
  • Students from PK1-G12 may participate in the After School Activities Programmes.
  • Programmes are run by HKA teachers, co-teachers and collaborating organisations.
  • HKA offers an extensive variety of activities. Once the registration period has concluded, courses are confirmed based on enrollment.
  • HKA’s ASAs are made up of two semesters in alignment with the school calendar.
  • A make-up class will be added if an activity is cancelled due to instructor absence. Make-up classes will be added at the end of the current programme.
  • Should an ASA be cancelled due to bad weather, parents will be informed by SMS and email no later than 12.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and 9.30am on Wednesdays using the phone numbers and email addresses in Veracross. Parents are responsible for keeping their contact details up to date in Veracross. Parents are to confirm receipt of this messaging and inform the school of dismissal plans. If confirmation is not received, a phone call will be made to the parent or emergency contact if needed.
  • This programme will be delivered in collaboration with our service providers. All programmes are conducted in English and in alignment with our Child Protection Guidelines.

  • Parents have access to the upcoming semester’s ‘Quick View’ list at least 2 weeks in advance of online registration opening.
  • ASA's online registration will remain open for a period of one week.
  • The ‘Quick View’ will include a detailed description of each of the activities and programme locations.
  • Any activity that does not meet the minimum number of students registered (5-24 depending on course requirement) is subject to cancellation. Parents of students in these activities will be notified and will have a second opportunity to sign their children up for  other remaining activities.
  • Sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis. Each activity has a maximum number of students that may be enrolled. Maximum participation numbers are noted in the online ASA Catalogue.


  • PS Students are walked down to the cafeteria where they will meet their instructor. SS Students are responsible for meeting their instructors at the designated area.
  • PS Students may have a small snack prior to the start of their After School Activity while they wait in the cafeteria.

Primary School Dismissal

  • Bus: A '4:20pm' bus is co-ordinated by HKA’s Operations department. Primary School students will be escorted to the ASA Bus by their instructor. The HKA bus co-ordinator will ensure that all Primary School age students are present before the bus departs. All questions regarding the ASA Bus should be directed to bus@hkacademy.edu.hk
  • Primary School (PS) Walker-walkers: PS WWs are to be collected from the school cafeteria. All PS after school walker-walkers must be signed out by their HKA parent or guardian from the cafeteria. No Primary School age walker-walkers may leave HKA without a parent or guardian.
  • Late pick up: If a student has not been picked up 10 minutes after the activity ends, the student will be escorted to reception where he/she will wait while the parents/guardians are contacted. The After School Activities instructor will also notify the ASA team.

Secondary School Dismissal

  • Bus: An ASA bus is co-ordinated by HKA’s Operations department. All questions regarding the After School Activities Bus should be directed to bus@hkacademy.edu.hk
  • Secondary School Walker-walkers: SS WWs may be collected from the school cafeteria or they may sign themselves out and find their way home independently. We are not able to allow Secondary Students to sign-out primary age students without the written permission from the HKA parent or guardian and also approval from the PS Principal.

Changes in Dismissal Plans: If there is a change in the student’s regular dismissal routine, e.g. for a playdate, it is essential to notify asa@hkacademy.edu.hk before 7:45am on the day of the change. If your child rides the ASA bus, it is necessary to also inform the HKA bus co-ordinator at bus@hkacademy.edu.hk.


If your child is absent from school, no action needs to be taken to report an absence from that day’s ASA as the absence is recorded in the school’s attendance system.

If your child will attend school but will be absent from the ASA, then an email should be sent to their classroom teacher for PS students and to secondary@hkacademy.edu.hk for SS students. This information will be forwarded to the office of Extended Learning and the bus company accordingly.

Cancellations (for reasons other than weather)
If an ASA is cancelled on the day, the following procedures will take place:
The ASA Co-ordinator will notify all parents at least 3 hours before the ASA start time. This is done by email and SMS. PS parents are to confirm receipt of messaging to the ASA team. If parents do not confirm, the ASA team will contact PS parents by phone to ensure parents are aware their child(ren) will come home according to non-ASA day dismissal process unless the parent notifies the class teacher of a different procedure.

Weather warning cancellation
All sessions will be cancelled when a weather warning forces the closure of the school for the day. Parents will be notified via email and SMS as per a normal school day. Classes that are cancelled due to weather warnings will not be rescheduled.

Hong Kong Education Bureau Announcements

HKA adheres to the announcements made by the EdB. In some situations, the Education Bureau (EdB) may make additional specific decisions with regard to school opening times and closures for the safety of students. All sessions will be cancelled when a weather warning forces the closure of the school for the day. Parents will be notified via email and SMS. Sessions that are cancelled due to weather warnings will not be rescheduled.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Hong Kong Observatory website for weather information and the Hong Kong Education Bureau website for details regarding possible school closures.

Please visit HKA’s Inclement Weather page for more information on inclement weather procedures.