Email addresses for all staff members are firstname.lastname@hkacademy.edu.hk. For school related issues, please contact the appropriate staff member, Principal or office@hkacademy.edu.hk. Please only use the name of the person you would like to respond in the “to” recipient line and use “cc” for those you would like to inform, but are not expecting a response from. Staff email addresses can be found via the Directory in Veracross. This directory also has our school community contact details.

Our phone system is set up so as not to ring through to the classrooms, nor will calls be transferred to teachers during class hours except in case of emergency. In the event that there is no answer in the office, please leave a message, and we will return your call promptly.

This is our online parent, staff & student portal. Every member of our HKA community will have a username to login. The portal is our main means of communication and will display, for example, student attendance records, reporting, contact directories, family demographic information, online admissions and finance facilities.

Communication with the School
Communications between school and home are delivered via email, when­ever possible. Our technology specialists are available for questions any time by phone or email. Paper copies of communications are rare and most communication is through email.
Please make every effort to respond to such matters in a timely fashion. In addition, there may be responses required online, via an online form for example, with appropriate links appearing within the sent email.

Please note that all communication sent home is deemed private and confi­dential and is intended only for distribution within the HKA community.

Communication Channels
If a parent has a question or concern regarding a student’s education, or an incident that occurred, the first point of contact should be the class­room/subject teacher. If the issue is not resolved at that level, the par­ent should then bring the issue to the attention of the PS or SS Principal. If the issue remains unresolved at that level, the parent can bring the matter to the attention of the Head of School. Ultimately, if a parent feels that their concern or issue has not been addressed to their satisfaction the matter can be brought to the HKA Board of Trustees.

Teacher / Principal Meeting & Contact
If parents desire an appointment with the Principals, Counsellors or any teacher, we require that an appointment be made in advance.

Class News
Information flow is vital to maintaining home/school links. In the PS, your child’s classroom, Mandarin and Specialist teachers maintain website and blog pages. These provide specific information about the curriculum, past activities and upcoming events in your child’s classes or grade level. In the SS, all teachers maintain 'Class' pages on Veracross and Managebac is used to communicate assessment dates, results and feedback.

School Website
HKA’s website (www.hkacademy.edu.hk) is our online presence to the general public and is our access to the 
Veracross login for HKA community members

Published annually at the end of the year, the HKA yearbook is a summary of the year’s events. The yearbook covers the whole school.
Each student (PK1 – G12) receives a free copy of the yearbook.

HKA offers the opportunity for a high level of parental involvement within the classroom, organised by teachers; with school-wide activities, organised by the Parent, Teacher and Community Organisation (PTCO); and on various Board committees. Opportunities range in the types of activity and the level of time commitment that is required. Helping in the library, accompanying a field trip, bringing expertise into the classroom, planning an evening social event for parents, listening to young readers, serving on a Board committee – these are all ways that HKA parents get involved every day.
Much of the parent volunteer activity at HKA is organised via the PTCO, working with various other parent volunteer leaders who generally focus their time on one or two specific programmes or opportunities.
Some opportunities involve a minimal time requirement, while others offer the chance to get involved in an aspect of school life over a longer period of time, such as helping in the library or in the hkaSHOP.

The Parent, Teacher and Community Organisation (PTCO) helps co-ordinate many volunteer groups working to support school spirit, classroom activities and school fundraising. A brief explanation of these can be found below.

Sign-up online or contact community.relations@hkacademy.edu.hk for more details.

School Spirit...
The hkaSHOP sells school uniforms, sport kit and spirit wear. Shop volunteers provide a friendly face to the whole school community and play a key role in welcoming new families, as they are often some of the first HKA parents a new family meets when joining the school. Volunteers hang and replenish the stock, help with questions about sizing or fit, help with the till and ensure that all our students uniform needs are fulfilled. The campus hkaSHOP is open for approximately 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and is also available online.
Lost and Found and Recycled Uniforms
HKA provides cabinets for Lost and Found items and for Recycled Uniforms. The cabinets are located at the bottom of the staircase near the UG Cafe. Items left behind on campus are collected from around the school and placed in one of these cabinets with hopes of being reunited with their owners. The Recycled Uniforms cabinet holds uniforms that have been donated by families. In keeping with the school’s commitment to sustainability, all are welcome to drop-off uniform items in good condition and/or take uniform items as needed. Volunteers working on these efforts keep the cabinets tidy day to day and also help out on key dates, such as the twice-yearly PTS conferences, to put Lost and Found items out on tables for easy identification and pick-up. Volunteers also help with the distribution of uncollected items to local charities.
Parent volunteers support the smooth and efficient operations of the Primary and Secondary School libraries, taking on many routine tasks in order to free up the librarians to work and interact with the students. Tasks include shelving returned items, covering books, straightening shelves. The library offers a flexible schedule, with volunteers choosing either a morning or afternoon time slot, every other week.
Buddy Parents
We have new families joining our school throughout the year with main intake being in August. Our buddies help to orient interested incoming parents whilst our school programmes take care of the new students. Click here to find out more about our Buddy Parent Programme.
Weekend Sports
Weekend sports is a free programme facilitated by HKA parent and staff coaches on Saturday mornings. Students from Grades 4 - 12 are invited to sign up for a variety of sports and gain valuable team skills whilst staying active and having fun.
School Sports Teams
HKA students represent the school both in Hong Kong and broad with their participation in a wide range of sports. Volunteers help out with coaching, chaperoning, logistics and food and work closely with Weekend Sports as well.
Staff Appreciation
The annual staff appreciation lunch is a tradition which was initiated by parents many years ago on the Stubbs Road campus. The event, which features a potluck buffet and a gift for each faculty and staff member, is an expression of appreciation and gratitude from the parent community to the staff for everything that they do for our students. Volunteers transform the gymnasium into a dining room filled with home made dishes donated by HKA families and source the annual gift.
Community Fair
The Community Fair is a long-standing and beloved school event where we share food from our home countries, participate in various activities and enjoy cultural performances. Families contribute homemade dishes and serve these to the community from their country tables. Parents volunteer by contributing their organisational talent to help with overall event preparation as well others to act as country co-ordinators. Volunteers also assist with cultural acts, sports games, arts and crafts and/or any special performances.
Class Support...

Class/Grade Parents
Each Primary School class and each Secondary School grade level has 2 class/grade parents who co-ordinate social activities for parents in that class or grade and who support specific Primary School class needs as defined by the teachers e.g., co-ordination of field trip chaperoning. In addition, class/grade parents support the Buddy Programme that introduces new families to HKA and, depending on the class, they help with end of year class gifts.
Panda Club
The Panda Club makes Mandarin a living language through twice monthly activity sessions delivered during student break periods. Volunteers are welcome regardless of Mandarin language ability.
The sustainability committee is a team of HKA staff and parents who meet on a monthly basis to support the school sustainability mission. Sustainability was foundational when we built our school and continues to inform how we operate and educate. If you have ideas to table at these meetings, please submit them to our online suggestion box.
HKA’s organic garden is a part of the Primary School curriculum and is supported by parent volunteers. Garden volunteers help on a weekly basis or as their schedule allows. Their role is to support the students in their exploration of nature and the plant life cycle. Produce from the garden goes directly to the cafeteria as part of our ‘farm to fork’ initiative.
School Fundraising...

Annual Fundraiser
HKA holds an Annual Fundraiser in spring each year. The theme of the event can differ, sometimes we'll hold a formal Gala, on other occasions we've gone for a more casual Bowling Night concept. A community committee drives all aspects of the event including venue liaison and logistics, the event’s look and feel, silent/live auctions and music/entertainment. The committee generally forms early in the school year and draws upon a broad set of volunteer skills to develop and deliver the event. If you have a theme suggestion or would like to get involved, please contact community.relations@hkacademy.edu.hk.
Sign-Up Scene
HKA’s highly popular Sign-Up Scene is a series of pop-up events donated by community members. From poker nights, to dinners, to parent and child yoga sessions, the Sign-Up Scene offers something for everyone. If you have a skill or passion which you would like to share with the community, contact community.relations@hkacademy.edu.hk.
Golf Tournament
The annual golf tournament raises funds for our Learner Support programme. Golfers of all abilities get together to play at Clearwater Bay Golf Club, one of the most beautiful courses in Hong Kong. Parents support the event by playing as individuals or teams and by bringing friends and colleagues along. Parents and friends of HKA also contribute bby donating prizes for the Mulligan Draw and for a variety of winning categories.
Community Yard Sale
The Community Yard Sale is an opportunity to spring clean and donate goods which are sold to generate funds for student social impact projects and for HKA’s Scholarship Programme. This event has a strong sustainability element with glass and electrical appliance recycling available. Charitable partners benefit from receiving donations of goods at the end of the event as well as from associated student driven social impact projects. Parent volunteers lead all aspects of this important effort, including preparation and delivery of the event in partnership with the school operations team and our students.
Movie Night
HKA movie nights are an opportunity for us to get together and enjoy the magic of the big screen. Do you have an idea for a community wide movie event or would you simply like to host a birthday party? We can host movies in a variety of venues around the campus and encourage you to bring your proposals big or small.
Submit our volunteer form or ask questions, get involved and send your ideas to community.relations@hkacademy.edu.hk.

Book Clubs
Book Clubs for parents are organised on an ad-hoc basis by a staff mem­ber depending on topics of interest. The Book Club meets over a semester or year for group discussion.

Grade Community Evenings
Leadership team organise informal, periodic evening meetings for parents of an individual grade which allows open discussion on a wide range of topics.

Curriculum Evenings
Staff organise periodic evening events for parents which focuses on cur­riculum related or other relevant topics.
Coffee Mornings
The Head of School invites parents to a series of coffee mornings through­out the year. This provides an opportunity to engage in discussions regarding a specific topic, programme or curriculum issue, updates as to what is happening at the school and a time to ask questions of the Head of School.

Classroom Support
Parents may have the opportunity to support the needs of the teachers in specific classrooms. The opportunities available vary significantly by year group and teacher needs. Examples of activities would include accompanying school excursions, cooking, and reading with students.

At Hong Kong Academy, we value everyone in our community and the relationships we share as students, faculty, staff and families. These relationships are at the core of HKA’s identity and are central to the positive and supportive environment we all value and enjoy.

HKA is a community school where parents and guardians, like students, faculty and staff, are actively involved in the school’s daily life. We welcome families on campus and appreciate their participation in a wide variety of activities and events. We are fortunate that so many parents and guardians volunteer at school.

The Hong Kong Academy Community Expectations support our community by outlining our values and expectations for a welcoming and positive environment for everyone at HKA.

All members of the HKA community are expected to communicate and behave in the spirit of our Mission Statement and our Five Core Values. To facilitate collaborative and cooperative learning, working and volunteering at HKA, the school follows the Seven Norms of Collaboration. These norms are posted prominently in classrooms, offices and shared work spaces. We believe the pillars of the Seven Norms help to ensure that our dialogue, discussion and activity together are conducted in ways that respect and value each other’s contributions and opinions.

HKA Community Expectations

In keeping with our mission, our values and our norms of collaboration, we anticipate and expect that all members of the HKA community will be Mission aligned, communicate effectively and model appropriate behaviours for the students.

Mission Alignment requires all community members to:

  • Embody HKA’s mission, values, and norms of collaboration.

  • Treat each other with respect and dignity in alignment with our common HKA culture that is diverse and inclusive.

  • Presuppose positive intent, promote trust, offer support and be mindful of language and actions that might be construed as intimidating or hurtful.

  • Abide by the school’s stated guidelines, including the Child Protection Guidelines, the Secondary Student Guidelines and the Family Guidelines.

Effective Communication requires all community members to:

  • Understand themselves as ambassadors of the school and adhere to HKA standards of language and behaviour at all HKA events on and off campus.

  • Use courteous and respectful written and spoken language at all times and across all media, including non-official school platforms and social media.

  • Utilise the school’s stated channels of communication as defined in the Family Guidelines for inquiries and concerns.

  • Abide by the HKA Community-wide Social Media Guidelines.

  • Use appropriate channels and methods of communication to express concerns and grievances and provide constructive feedback.

Modelling for Students requires all community members to:

  • Model integrity, academic curiosity, responsibility and creativity and show respect for school property.

  • Encourage students’ growth as ethical, self-directed and respectful individuals.

We anticipate and expect that members of the HKA community will not:

  • Smoke, vape, use e-cigarettes or other similar products on campus.

  • Consume alcohol on campus when students are present.

  • Take illegal drugs.

  • Bring any weapons or illegal drugs to campus.

  • Breach or ignore school security procedures or safety regulations in or around school facilities.

These conditions apply to parents, guardians, domestic helpers, drivers and any other carer who has access to the school premises. We also expect students, faculty and staff to follow these expectations. It is the responsibility of parents to inform their representatives of the Community Expectations. Continued or serious breaches of Community Expectations will impact re-enrolment or ongoing association with HKA.

Addressing Disagreements

In alignment with the process outlined in our Family Guidelines, members of the HKA community are expected to address disagreements with respect and, to the extent possible, the particular person or department most relevant to the disagreement. If a member of the community is unable to resolve the issue at source, then that person should take the issue to the relevant supervisor, principal or other school leader. Members of the community may also seek advice from other school personnel such as the counsellors or members of the PTCO Panel who might be able to advise the best process for finding a resolution.

Acceptance of the Community Expectations

All members of the HKA community are required to abide by the Community Expectations. Your online signature is considered binding.