Email addresses for all staff members are firstname.lastname@hkacademy.edu.hk. For school related issues, please write to the appropriate staff member, Principal or office@hkacademy.edu.hk. Please only use the name of the person you would like to respond in the “to” recipient line and use “cc” for those you would like to inform, but are not expecting a response from. Staff email addresses can be found via the Directory in Veracross. This directory also has our school community contact details.

Our phone system is set up so as not to ring through to the classrooms, nor will calls be transferred to teachers during class hours except in case of emergency. In the event that there is no answer in the office, please leave a message, and we will return your call promptly.

This is our online parent, staff & student portal. Every member of our HKA community will have a username to login. The portal is our main means of communication and will display, for example, student attendance records, reporting, contact directories, family demographic information, online admissions and finance facilities.

Communication with the School
Communications between school and home are delivered via email, when­ever possible. Our technology specialists are available for questions any time by phone or email. Paper copies of communications are rare and most communication is through email.
Please make every effort to respond to such matters in a timely fashion. In addition, there may be responses required online, via an online form for example, with appropriate links appearing within the sent email.

Please note that all communication sent home is deemed private and confi­dential and is intended only for distribution within the HKA community.

Communication Channels
If a parent has a question or concern regarding a student’s education, or an incident that occurred, the first point of contact should be the class­room/subject teacher. If the issue is not resolved at that level, the par­ent should then bring the issue to the attention of the PS or SS Principal. If the issue remains unresolved at that level, the parent can bring the matter to the attention of the Head of School. Ultimately, if a parent feels that their concern or issue has not been addressed to their satisfaction the matter can be brought to the HKA Board of Trustees.

Teacher / Principal Meeting & Contact
If parents desire an appointment with the Principals, Counsellors or any teacher, we require that an appointment be made in advance.

Class News
Information flow is vital to maintaining home/school links. In the PS, your child’s classroom, Mandarin and Specialist teachers maintain website and blog pages. These provide specific information about the curriculum, past activities and upcoming events in your child’s classes or grade level. In the SS, all teachers maintain 'Class' pages on Veracross and Managebac is used to communicate assessment dates, results and feedback.

School Website
HKA’s website (www.hkacademy.edu.hk) is our online presence to the general public and is our access to the 
Veracross login for HKA community members

Published annually at the end of the year, the HKA yearbook is a summary of the year’s events. The yearbook covers the whole school.
Each student (PK1 – G12) receives a free copy of the yearbook.

The HKA Community Organisation seeks to enhance our school community and increase parent involvement while supporting the Board and Administration in the school’s mission. All current HKA parents are members of the HKACO. Become an active member by volunteering on one of the CO committees:
  • Class/Grade Parent: Communicate with parents through email; Co-ordinate in-class volunteers; Organise class/grade social events for parents or chil­dren; Help co-ordinate the Cultural Food Festival; Assist in production of Staff Gifts; Support the Staff Appreciation Luncheon co-ordinators; Support class teachers as requested; Welcome new HKA families and aid in their transition to the new school. Click here for current list of Class/Grade Parents.
  • Social Committee: The social committee organises social events on a regular basis which promote community spirit and build friendship networks. The committee organises outings such as walking and shopping tours as well as charitable and cultural experiences. There are regular coffee mornings with the upcoming social events schedule posted in the weekly hkaNEWS and on the 'HKA Community' Facebook page.
  • Annual Gala: The Gala is an exciting social and fundraising occasion on the HKA calendar which is typically held in spring. The Gala committee drives all aspects of the event including Venue Liaison and Logistics, Look & Feel, Fundraising and Music/Entertainment.
    To deliver this event to the community, the committee draws upon a broad set of volunteer skills throughout the year.
  • Community Fair: Work with organisers to help with tables, food, clean-up and set-up for this once a year event.
  • Library: Work with the Librarians to support the HKA Libraries.
  • Lost and Found: Assist with sorting and collecting lost and found items.
  • Garden Ambassador: To develop and implement “green” initiatives to contribute to our school sustainability plan.
  • hkaSHOP: The hkaSHOP sources and sells: HKA branded products, stationery items and products designed by or on behalf of the HKA community. Volunteers can have a preference for the sourcing side or the selling side.
  • Panda Club: Support the school’s Mandarin Programme through a range of events and activities for students. Volunteers do not have to speak Mandarin to contribute.
  • Parents in Action for Sustainability: Develop and implement “green” initiatives to contribute to our school sustainability plan.

  • Weekend Sports: Share your skills at any of the sports or help coaches run the programmes: Saturday schedule is 9am - 2pm (volleyball, basketball, football and track).

Submit our volunteer form or ask questions, get involved and send your ideas to community.relations@hkacademy.edu.hk

Book Clubs
Book Clubs for parents are organised on an ad-hoc basis by a staff mem­ber depending on topics of interest. The Book Club meets over a semester or year for group discussion.

Grade Community Evenings
Leadership team organise informal, periodic evening meetings for parents of an individual grade which allows open discussion on a wide range of topics.

Curriculum Evenings
Staff organise periodic evening events for parents which focuses on cur­riculum related or other relevant topics.
Coffee Mornings
The Head of School invites parents to a series of coffee mornings through­out the year. This provides an opportunity to engage in discussions regarding a specific topic, programme or curriculum issue, updates as to what is happening at the school and a time to ask questions of the Head of School.

Classroom Support
Parents may have the opportunity to support the needs of the teachers in specific classrooms. The opportunities available vary significantly by year group and teacher needs. Examples of activities would include accompanying school excursions, cooking, and reading with students.